Interested in Joining the Ohio ERC?

Call for Volunteers

The Ohio Electronic Records Committee (OhioERC) is a committee of volunteers from Ohio public government entities working to develop guidelines/best practices for electronic records management in Ohio. Therefore, the committee wants to reach out to our subscribers to see if any of you are interested in joining our committee to help develop meaningful resources through our subcommittee work. You don’t have to be a records manager or archivist either; we would love members to be from management, IT, and legal areas as well.

The only requirement for membership is that you are a current employee with an Ohio public government agency/organization/institution. If you have any interest, please review our membership process here and fill out a membership application. Submit this application along with a brief letter of support from a supervisor within your agency/organization describing how the work products of the OhioERC are important to your agency/organization, how the agency could benefit from having a representative of the OhioERC, and how the Committee would benefit from your participation to

We look forward to anyone willing to join our coalition of experts!

Spring cleaning your electronic records

As you begin to tackle your spring cleaning projects, consider adding your public email accounts to your list. Not only can maintaining a clean email account lead to greater efficiencies for you and your employer, it can also help to limit maintenance and storage costs, reduce public record response time, and decrease your public entity’s potential liability.

As a reminder, the Ohio Electronic Records Committee has created a new virtual interactive training series that is designed to provide information and best practices. As you’re cleaning up your email accounts this spring, we encourage you to review the following:

  • Examples of non-records and transient records that may be deleted immediately – Part One at 3:27 and Part Two at 11:34.
  • Questions you can use to determine whether a specific email should be retained – Part One at 5:17.
  • Tips for managing email threads and attachments – Part One at 7:52
  • Suggestions for sorting and organizing your email inbox – Part Two at 12:54 and Part Four at 0:25.
  • Best practices for setting up an efficient and effective email filing system – Part Three at 7:22.
  • Suggestions for creating automatic retention rules for emails in Microsoft Outlook – Part Four at 6:20.

It’s important to give your electronic records attention throughout the year, but sometimes we all need an extra boost to get us motivated. Spring is an excellent time to review your approach to recordkeeping and establish some new best practices to keep you on track throughout the year. We encourage you to watch the entire training series for more information. The series takes approximately one hour to complete and a Certificate of Completion is provided at the end of Part Four.

New Email Management Series Training Series Module

The Ohio Electronic Records Committee is excited to announce a new virtual, interactive Email Management Training Series. The training series will provide information and best practices on managing email. The four sections of the training are Email As A Record, Email Clean-up Strategies, Email Filing and Organization, and Microsoft 365 Outlook Email Management. This training was made possible due to grant funding provided by the Ohio Historical Records Advisory Board and the National Historical Publications and Records Commission. Thank you to these organizations for their continued support of the Ohio ERC!

The Email Management Series online training is for use by state and local government officials and employees. The training will take approximately one hour. A Certificate of Completion will be provided for this training series at the end of Part Four.

Access the training modules for free at the links below: