Standing Committees

The OhioERC has two standing Committees the Executive Committee and the Membership Committee.  In addition, other committees are formed as needed to develop and revise guidelines and resources.

OhioERC active subcommittees (as of December 2018)

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary of the OhioERC, the State Archivist, (who may or may not be an elected officer), and the immediate Past Chair, who serves in an advisory capacity. The Executive Committee develops agendas, maintains communication with members, and approves recommendations of membership.

  • Chair: Nathan Owens (2019-current)
  • Vice Chair: Mark Conrad (2019-current)
  • Secretary: Marlys Bradshaw (2012-current)
  • Past Chair: Chris Wydman (2019-current)
  • State Archivist: Fred Previts (2010-current)


Past Chairs Past Vice Chairs Past Secretaries Past State Archivist
Chris Wydman
Pari Swift
Daniel Noonan
John Runion
Mark Schmidbauer
Rai Goerler (Interim)
Laurie Gemmill
Richard Whitehouse (Interim)
Charlie Arp
Nathan Owens
Chris Wydman
Pari Swift
Darren Shulman
Carol Thomas
John Runion
Janice Schulz
Pari Swift
Louise Jones (Interim)
Jelain Chubb
Laurie Gemmill
Charlie Arp

Membership Committee

The role of the Membership Committee is to review applications for membership to the OhioERC, and to generate interest in membership. The OhioERC Membership Committee will be comprised of no less than 3 and no more than 5 voting members. There will be at least one member from each of the following constituencies: state agency, local government, and non-governmental entity. Members of the Membership Committee shall rotate on an annual basis.

  • Mark Conrad, ex officio as OhioERC Vice Chair
  • Sara Clark, professional association
  • Alyshia Benedict, state government
  • John Runion, local government
  • Dan Johnson, higher ed
  • Pari Swift, higher ed