Web Content

The intent of these guidelines is to raise awareness of and provide and explain the currently available requirements, guidelines and best practices for managing and preserving web resources that meet the criteria for records as defined by the Ohio Revised Code.

These guidelines have a two-fold purpose. First, they are intended to assist state agency employees in complying their management of web resources with Ohio public records law. Second, the guidelines promote best practices and suggestions that facilitate the effective creation, management, and retention of web resources as public records.

Because technology is changing so rapidly, records management tools are not keeping pace with the tools we use to create and distribute information. Consequently, these guidelines will offer the best advice that is currently available. These guidelines will be updated as more research is performed and new tools are developed to enable records management and preservation in the electronic environment.

These guidelines are appropriate for State of Ohio agencies, boards and commissions. Other governmental entities may also wish to follow these guidelines as appropriate.