Membership Committee
Membership Process


Membership Committee


The purpose of the membership committee is to review applications for membership to the OhioERC and to generate interest in membership.

In addition, the Membership Committee:

  • tracks the attendance of current members and notifies the Executive Committee of any members that fail to attend or send a designee for two consecutive meetings
  • sends renewal notices to those members whose terms are near expiration.


The OhioERC Membership Committee will be comprised of no less than three (3) and no more than five (5) voting members. There will be at least one member from each of the following constituencies: state agency, local government, and non-governmental entity.

Members will serve two-year, renewable terms. Terms for the initial members will begin with staggered term end dates in order to ensure consistency.

In addition to the 3-5 voting members, the Vice Chair of the OhioERC will serve as Chair of the Membership Committee. They will offer advice and participate in discussion of candidate qualifications, but will reserve their vote until the application has been forwarded to the Executive Committee for final approval.

The OhioERC will vote on Membership Committee members from willing volunteers within the OhioERC that fall into the outlined criteria.


As Chair of the Membership Committee, the OhioERC Vice Chair maintains correspondence between the candidates and the Membership Committee and serves as an ex-officio member of the Membership Committee. They will assist the Secretary of the OhioERC by maintaining the membership waiting list.

Membership Process


Download Application Form

  1. Applicant will submit an application and letter of support to the OhioERC Chair.
  2. The OhioERC Chair will forward the application to the Chair of the Membership Committee.
  3. The Membership Committee will review and make one of four recommendations to the Executive Committee.
    1. Offer applicant membership (send letter of acceptance).
    2. Deny membership – the organization is already represented on the OhioERC. (Send letter notifying them of current member and encouraging them to work with the current member.)
    3. Deny membership – lack of qualifications or support. (Send letter encouraging applicant to reapply if their position or qualifications change.)
    4. Deny membership – no current vacancy on the OhioERC. (Send letter notifying them that they are on a waiting list for membership and will be contacted when there is a position available.)
  4. Executive Committee votes to accept or reject the recommendation of the Membership Committee.
  5. Chair of the Membership Committee will notify applicant of status, as noted above, after Executive Committee action.


  1. The Membership Committee will conduct an annual review of all memberships two months prior to the end of the year.
  2. Members whose terms are expiring will be sent a letter asking them whether they wish to renew their membership for another 3-year term or let their membership expire without renewal.
  3. The member will return the letter stating his or her intentions to the Membership Committee.
  4. Any vacated positions will be filled by offering membership to the next person on the membership waiting list.


  1. Following each OhioERC meeting, the Membership Committee will review attendance records.
  2. If a member has failed to attend or send a proxy to two consecutive meetings, the Membership Committee notifies the Executive Committee.
  3. Upon agreement of the Executive Committee to terminate the membership, the member will receive a letter from the OhioERC Chair.
  4. The vacated position will be offered to the next person on the membership waiting list.

Adopted 6 December 2004