Hybrid Microfilm

The development of document image processing has evolved to include the conversion of digital images to archival quality microfilm via a device commonly called an “archive-writer.” The Ohio Electronic Records Committee (OhioERC) recognizes that this evolution of hardware and associated software provides a long-term eye-readable preservation option for records that have been born-digital or converted to digital via image processing.

This document provides guidance for Ohio public sector agencies for the conversion of records to microfilm, which were either born-digital or converted via image processing, for the purpose of maintaining official records in an eye-readable, micrographic format and/or as a redundancy or back-up copy.

This guidance is intended to assist Ohio state agencies, local governments, and public educational institutions with ensuring that the records they convert from a digital format to microfilm are authentic, reliable, have integrity, and are usable. It is not the intention of the OERC to impose standards upon a public body that will reduce the intended benefits of the recordkeeping system. The ultimate criteria are that the records be legible and accessible for their intended use.