General Administrative Electronic Records Schedules



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NASA: Records Retention Schedules (2009)


Arkansas: General Records Retention Schedule (2006)
California: Electronic Records Guide Book (2018)

Connecticut: Information Systems Records (2010)
Delaware: General Records Retention Schedule – Local Government- Electronic Records (2019)



Idaho: Data Processing Records Retention Schedule of the Records Management Guide (2008)
Kansas: Records Retention Schedules – Information Technology (2017)
Kentucky: Electronic and Related Records  (2006)
Missouri: General Retention Schedule – Information Technology (2011)


New York: NYS Office of Information Technology- Records Subject Matter List (2020)

North Carolina:

North Dakota: Records retention Schedule – Information Technology Department (2014)
Ohio: State of Ohio Administrative Policy- Electronic Records (select Information Technology Records)

Rhode Island: General Records Schedule – GRS7: Information Management Records (2009)
South Carolina: General Records Retention Schedules for Data Processing and Electronic Records of State Agencies and Institutions (1996)

Virginia: Records Retention and Disposition Schedule General Schedule No. 113 All State Agencies Information Technology (2009)
Washington: State Government General Records Retention Schedule – Version 5.1 (2011)


City of San Jose: Records Retention Schedule (2019)
Council of State Archivists: Education/Training, Form and Resource Samples, Policy/Guidelines, Standards, and Tools
District of Columbia: General Records Schedule 14 – Informational Services Records (2008)
Iowa  State University: Records Retention Policy (2011)
Inter-University Council of Ohio: Records Retention for Public Colleges and Universities In Ohio: A Manual (2009)
Texas A&M:  The Texas A&M University System Records Retention Schedule (2017)
The Ohio State University: Secure Destruction Data Requirements – Electronic Records (2012)
United Nations: Records Common to All United Nations Offices (2011)
University of North Carolina: University System Records Retention and Disposition Schedule (2018)