National Archives and Records Administration Release of Universal Electronic Records Management Requirements, Version 2

In April, the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) released Universal Electronic Records Management Requirements, Version 2. This update includes a revised abstract, the addition of lifecycle requirements, a new transfer format requirements calendar and a glossary. Because of the increase in teleworking, virtual meetings and other online events, a commitment to compliance and best practices in ERM is more vital than ever. This resource can also provide a foundation of requirements for electronic management systems and software.

Records Management Storage Considerations

While many of you are working remotely, you may have opportunities to start reviewing more of your electronic records storage to see what meets retention or could be better managed per your records management policies. The Blog for the Society of American Archivists Records Management section released blog posts reviewing considerations and costs of electronic and paper storage. The blog includes 1-page brochures that can be used as references, in addition to an analysis of storage from cost-savings and best practices perspectives. Check it out here:

Records and Information Management Month: Tips and Guidelines

April is Records and Information Management Month. This April may look and feel very different than what Records Management professionals are used to. Many of us are currently working remotely and there is no better time than now to ensure good record keeping and best practices in your workplace. Here are some things to consider that can promote efficient and effective electronic record keeping in your organization during this time.

  • Are people in your organization working from home? Do they know their responsibility regarding managing electronic records? This month would be a great time to review your organization’s shared drive management and electronic records management policies and procedures.
  • Is your organization using text messaging to document business activities? Check out ERC’s Tips for Text Messaging Retention for best practices and risks/liabilities of using text messages for government business.
  • Have you been communicating more than ever through email? Review our Guidelines for Managing Email to ensure your organization is retaining emails effectively.
  • Is your organization communicating and posting via social media to interact with constituents? Check out ERC’s  Social Media Resources, including the new online training module, Social Media: The Records Management Challenge (2020) .