OhioERC-Sponsored Presentation for Electronic Records Day

The Ohio Electronic Records Committee is partnering with Miami University, Greene County (OH) and Preservica to host a free Electronic Records Day webinar. Please share this with your organizations and others involved in records practices as well as administration, IT.

The event is Monday, October 10th from 12:00-1:00 EST and features Lori Ashley (Preservica) and Robin Heise (Greene County). Click here to register

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Government information ecosystems are complex and dynamic while recordkeeping obligations are long-standing and robust. Public sector institutions at all levels increasingly rely on electronically stored information created in dozens of applications and managed in hundreds of file formats to deliver services and provide access to government records. But digital information is more fragile than its analog counterparts and subject to ever changing technology environments. This reality can put the authenticity and usability of long-term (10+ year retention) and permanent electronic records at risk.

This presentation sponsored by the Ohio Electronic Records Committee will compare and contrast document management systems and digital preservation systems. The major workflows used to future-proof permanent and long-term electronic records and their essential metadata will be described. A Records and Archives Management case study from Greene County will be shared to bring to light essential differences between document management and preservation systems. We hope to see you join us!


Fall Online Training Coming!

Mark Your Calendars! The Ohio Electronic Records Committee is tentatively planning an online training for November 4th, 2022 concerning records management best practices in the remote work environment. Records management and educating your offices about record retention requirements is more important than ever when considering the potential of records being handled outside of your office setting as well as how new technology, like Microsoft Teams and Zoom, may introduce new record retention complexities.

Additionally, the OhioERC would like to hear from you regarding what future trainings you would like to see offered from our group. Please fill out the following poll for us to collect your feedback:

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As always too, please go to our Trainings/Events page to see our interactive training modules and past presentations.

Interested in Joining the Ohio ERC?

Call for Volunteers

The Ohio Electronic Records Committee (OhioERC) is a committee of volunteers from Ohio public government entities working to develop guidelines/best practices for electronic records management in Ohio. Therefore, the committee wants to reach out to our subscribers to see if any of you are interested in joining our committee to help develop meaningful resources through our subcommittee work. You don’t have to be a records manager or archivist either; we would love members to be from management, IT, and legal areas as well.

The only requirement for membership is that you are a current employee with an Ohio public government agency/organization/institution. If you have any interest, please review our membership process here and fill out a membership application. Submit this application along with a brief letter of support from a supervisor within your agency/organization describing how the work products of the OhioERC are important to your agency/organization, how the agency could benefit from having a representative of the OhioERC, and how the Committee would benefit from your participation to OhioERC@ohiohistory.org.

We look forward to anyone willing to join our coalition of experts!