Information Governance

Recently, the concept of an “Information Governance (IG)” program has grown within the records and information management professions. While there has been many interpretations on what this means and involves, records and information managers need to be prepared to implement and become involved in such programs. An IG program helps manage risk with information while also achieving the office’s desired goals, whether with developing a text messaging policy to designing a document management system for the office.

Information Governance Reference Model (IGRM)

An IG strategy seeks to “promote cross-functional dialogue and collaboration” between your IT, Legal, Compliance, RM, and other stakeholders who need to manage or access information in their daily work.” 1 The Information Governance Reference Model (IGRM) helps articulate what each of these groups provide towards the information governance structure.

The IGRM helps show that when working together, different departments of an office can help achieve their work, support other departmental needs or requirements, and ultimately sync policy with process. Imagine how smoothly a new system implementation would go when the office had consulted the business unit for needed features, security teams for safety features, IT services for system design, records managers for retention of records, and legal for compliance/audit needs are met.

1 Information Governance Reference Model. (2017, February, 23). EDRM – Duke Law. Retrieved from

Additional IG Topics and Resources

Information Governance Reference Model

  • Diagram developed by the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) committee and Duke Law school showing the various stakeholders, business processes, and the records lifecycle stages involved in an Information Governance framework.
  • Link to how to use/interpret the diagram.

Information Governance, IT Governance, and Data Governance

  • AIIM blog post by Robert Smallwood explaining the difference between the three disciplines.

Information Governance Maturity Model

  • Quality improvement tool developed by ARMA International to determine an organization’s level of development for an Information Governance program.

Information Governance Professional (IGP) Certification Program [ARMA International]

  • Covers process to earn an IGP certification through ARMA International.

InformationGovernance Initiative

  • Think tank and community dedicated to advancing the adoption of Information Governance (IG) practices and technologies through research, events, advocacy and peer-to-peer networking.

Information Governance and RIM Explained

  • 2015 presentation at ARMA International Utah chapter.

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