OhioERC Available Trainings

Stay up to date on best practices in electronic records! The OhioERC has several trainings available for free.

  • Electronic Records Day Presentation: “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow”: This presentation compares document management systems and digital preservation systems. We discuss major workflows used to future-proof permanent and long-term electronic records and their essential metadata. In addition, a Records and Archives Management case study from Greene County is shared to bring to light essential differences between document management and preservation systems.
  • Email Management Training Series: This email management training series provides information and best practices on managing email. The training series is divided into four sections: Email As A Record, Email Clean-up Strategies, Email Filing and Organization, and Microsoft 365 Outlook Email Management.
  • Social Media: The Records Management Challenge: This course provides an overview of social platforms and how government entities use those platforms; the records management aspect of social media; unique challenges associated with capturing and disposing of social media content; how to manage and respond to citizen interactions with government social media and the balancing act of being both of public employee and private citizen on social media. 

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