Agenda January 14, 2015 Meeting

  1. Approval of Minutes [Bradshaw]
  2. Membership Committee Report [Shulman]
    1. New Members
    2. Results of time survey
  3. Executive Board Elections [Swift]
    1. Vice Chair (Chair Elect)
    2. Secretary
  4. Spring Seminar [Fred/Pari/Darren]
    1. OHRAB Grant Application update
    2. Programming committee
      1. Dates/Location
      2. Refine topic
  5. Subcommittee Reports and Action Items
    1. RFP Tip Sheet and tool [Tansey/Noonan]
    2. Total Cost of Ownership [Owens]
    3. Electronic Records Management
      1. Update on reorganization project [Shulman/Swift]
  6. State Archives Update
  7. Update on HR 1233 [Swift]
    1. Monitor legislation volunteer
  8. Other new business from the floor/Sub-committee work time

Celebrate Electronic Records Day October 10, 2014

Please join the Council of State Archivists (CoSA) in celebrating Electronic Records Day on October 10, 2014. Now in its third year, E-records Day is an opportunity to share information about what you are doing to manage your state’s digital resources and to enlist help in preserving electronic records. This day is designed to raise awareness among state government agencies, the general public, related professional organizations, and other stakeholders about the crucial role electronic records play in their world. Go to Electronic Records Day for more information.