Email Policies & Guidelines

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National Archives and Records Administration (NARA):




Arkansas: Electronic Record Management Guidelines for Arkansas State Government (2005)

California: Electronic Records Management Handbook: Electronic Mail (2003)

Colorado: Electronic Messaging Guidelines (2004)

Connecticut: Management and Retention of E-mail and other Electronic Messages (General Letter #2009-2)

Delaware: Acceptable Use Policy- State of Delaware Dept of Technology and Information (2015)


The Florida Bar Best Practices for Effective Electronic Communication (2015) UNDER REVISION

Hawaii: Comptroller’s Memorandum 2002-30: E-Mail Retention Schedule to Conserve Resources (2002)

Idaho: Idaho State Records Manual: Appendix 7: Guidelines for Managing E-Mail in State Of Idaho Government Agencies (temporarily removed for updating) (2013)

Illinois: Electronic Records and the Illinois Local Records Act (2001)

Indiana: E-mail Policy Development and Retention Guidelines (2009)

Iowa: Email Security Standard (2012)

Kansas: Managing Electronic Mail (2002)


Louisiana: Louisiana State Archives Policy, Electronic Mail (E-mail) Retention (2003)

Maine: Basic Email Information (2014)

Maryland: Email retention guidance and policies (2007)

Massachusetts: Electronic Mail: Information and requirements for the management and disposition of electronic mail sent and received by public officials (2003)


Minnesota: E-mail management (2004)

Mississippi: Email Standards

Missouri: E-Mail Guidelines (2001) (2001)

Nebraska: Electronic Mail Management Instructional Guide (2012)

New Jersey: Circular Letter 03-10-ST: Managing Electronic Mail: Guidelines & Best Practices (2002)

New Mexico: Records Management Requirements for Electronic Messaging (2007)

New York:

North Carolina: Digital Records Policies and Guidelines

North Dakota: Records Management for Electronic Records

Oklahoma: Consolidated General Records Disposition Schedule: Electronic Mail (2009)

Oregon: Email Policy Manual


Rhode Island: Managing Electronic Mail – The Basics (2010)

South Carolina: Electronic Records Management Guidelines: E-mail Management (2005)

South Dakota: South Dakota Municipalities Records Retention and Destruction Schedule MUN-22 Electronic Mail (2004)





Virginia: E-Mail Management Guidelines (2009)


Washington, DC: Email Use Policy (2007)

West Virginia:

Wisconsin: Public Records Laws and Email

Wyoming: Email Guidelines for Public Employees