General Electronic Records Management

The following links to non-OhioERC electronic records management policies, projects, and resources are provided for the benefit of visitors. No particular endorsement of these sites is intended or implied.

Professional Associations & Other Resources


National Archives and Records Administration (NARA):

Department of Defense:

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): Records Management Manual
Library of Congress (LOC):


[Alabama] Electronic Records Program Status Report
[Alaska] Building a Trustworthy Information System (2009)
[Arizona] Recordkeeping Requirements to Consider When Developing a New System
[Arkansas] Electronic Record Management Guidelines for Arkansas State Government (2005)
[California] Secretary of State- Electronic Records Management Program (2002)
[Colorado] Colorado State University Digital Repository
[Florida] Electronic Recordkeeping Strategic Plan 2010 – 2012
[Florida] Electronic Records Management Follow-Up Survey of State Agencies 2013
[Florida] Electronic Records and Records Management Practices (2010)
[Florida] Files Management Handbook, Chapter 5: Electronic Recordkeeping (1998)
[Hawaii] Hawaii Laws that Apply to Retention & Disposition of Government Records (2006)
[Hawaii] Policy & Guidelines Relating to Electronic Records Retention and Disposition (2001)
[Illinois] Electronic Records and the Illinois Local Records Act (2001)
[Iowa] State Records Manual (2021)
[Iowa] University of Iowa- University Guidebook on Records Management
[Kansas] Electronic Records Management Guidelines
[Kansas] Enterprise Electronic Preservation System
[Kentucky] Electronic Records Working Group- Kentucky Department of Libraries and Archives
[Kentucky] Enterprise Architecture Standards (2010)
[Kentucky] Electronic Records Transfer Procedures (2010)
[Kentucky] Understanding Records Management- Electronic Records
[Louisiana] Administrative Rules for Records Management Policies and Practices
[Maine] Local Government Digital Records (2015)
[Maine] State of Maine Records Management Manual (2012)
[Maryland] Records Management Guidance for State, County, and Local Government (2012)
[Massachusetts] Electronic Records Management Guidelines for the State of Massachusetts
[Michigan] State of Michigan Electronic Records Commission Final Report (2021)
[Michigan] State of Michigan Records Policies, Standards and Guidelines
[Minnesota] Electronic Records Management Guidelines
[Mississippi] Standards for Electronic Records
[Missouri] MERETI (Missouri Electronic Records Education and Training Initiative)
[Nebraska] Information Technology Commission Standards and Guidelines (2013)
[New Jersey] Circular Letter 01-01-ST: UETA Guidance (2001)
[New Mexico] New Mexico Statutes- Retention of Electronic Records (2019)
[North Carolina] Digital Records Guidance
[North Carolina] File Formats for the Transfer of Electronic Records (2012)
[North Dakota] E-Records Resources (2015)
[Oklahoma] Oklahoma Department of Libraries Records Management Division FAQ
[Pennsylvania] Functional Requirements for Evidence in Recordkeeping: The Pittsburgh Project
[Pennsylvania] Functional Requirements for Evidence in Recordkeeping: Further Developments at the University of Pittsburgh
[Pennsylvania] E-records Guidelines (2009)
[Rhode Island] Permanent Electronic Records & Preservation Microfilming (2010)
[South Carolina] Electronic Records Guidelines (2005)
[South Dakota] South Dakota Bureau of Administration- Records Management
[Tennessee] State of Tennessee Electronic Record Policy (2019)
[Texas] Electronic Records Standards and Procedures State Agency Bulletin Number One
[Texas] Electronic Records Standards and Procedures Local Government Bulletin B
[Texas] State Library Annual E-Conference
[Utah] Department of Administrative Services- Division of State Archives- Electronic Records Guidelines
[Utah] Department of Administrative Services- Division of State Archives- Electronic Records Management Business Case
[Vermont] Information Management Standards and Best Practices for State Agencies (2019)
[Virginia] Library of Virginia- Electronic Records (2009)
[Washington] Legal Aspects of Electronic Records – Q&A
[Washington] Preservation Of Electronic Public Records (2008)
[West Virginia] West Virginia Public Records Management and Preservation Act (2020)
[Wisconsin] Administrative Rule 12: Electronic Records Management–Standards and Requirements (2002)


InterPARES Project: International Research on Permanent Authentic Records in Electronic Systems



International Standards Organization (ISO):

Professional Associations & Other Resources